American Champion 7AC Champion Weight & Balance Calculator

American Champion 7AC Champion

Weight & Balance Calculator

eFlite Desktop™

American Champion 7AC Champion weight and balance calculators forever eliminate problematic paper charts and obsolete plastic plotters from flight planning. You can now perform accurate weight and balance calculations within seconds on a tablet pc, laptop or desktop computer.

eFlite Desktop™ weight and balance calculators quickly determine the weight and center of gravity (CG) during takeoff, landing and zero fuel configurations. The software is available for ALL American Champion 7AC Champion with time stamped results printed or saved to the hard drive for accurate record keeping. eFlite Desktop™ weight and balance calculators simplify piston, turboprop and jet aircraft flight planning procedures and recording keeping! View All Features

eFlite Desktop Pro™

Our professional aircraft weight and balance software program optimizes flight planning calculations for commercial and general aviation pilots whether they are flying a jet, turboprop or piston aircraft. Say goodbye to those time consuming, error-prone, hand calculations!

eFlite Desktop Pro™ includes the functionality and precision pilots depend upon in eFlite Desktop™ along with premium features such as a detailed load manifest that satisfies record keeping requirements for commercial air carrier, charter and taxi operations. The software even lets users record maximum allowable takeoff and landing weights since they change with variations in temperature, airport elevation, runway length and obstacle clearances.

Ramp Checks in your American Champion 7AC Champion are a breeze with eFlite Desktop Pro™. View All Features

eFlite Mobile™

Tablets and smartphones easily slip into a pocket and are the "tool-of-choice" for performing last minute weight and balance calculations at the airport or elsewhere (i.e. for Aeromedical, Medevac and EMS services).

eFlite Mobile™ offers the functionality and precision of eFlite Desktop™ and eFlite Desktop Pro™ in a "tabbed" layout designed for use on Android and iOS devices. The mobile edition can import an unlimited number of aircraft modules, perform lateral calculations on helicopters and Save, Print and Email W&B Records that satisfy record keeping requirements for private or commercial operations.

Last minute changes in passengers, baggage and fuel are now just a screen tap away with eFlite Mobile™. View All Features

eFlite Online™

Perform UNLIMITED weight and balance calculations from home, the office, hangar, hotel, FBO, even the cockpit. Simply login to your account from a desktop or laptop computer or mobile device such as Android, iPhone or iPad.

The eFlite Online™ web service is ideal for flight departments managing multiple pilots and aircraft and works great for single pilot operations as well. All it takes is a simple click of the mouse to email weight and balance sheets and comply with civil aviation record keeping requirements. Weight and balance records can be saved to the eFlite database for pre-flight planning purposes or to maintain electronic records.

In addition, the service minimizes your time and IT expenses because software updates are immediately available to all users versus the time-consuming task of updating computers on an individual basis.

eFlite Online™ is available as a stand-alone service for all aircraft. Simply select your make and module aircraft from the Online Store and choose the online software option. You can also add the service to any eFlite Desktop™ or Desktop Pro™ order if your flight operation requires backup software that runs without an Internet connection.

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